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About Us

Our Commitments


Provide our members with opportunities to network with peers and local officials.


Collaborate with subject matter experts to provide educational seminars on business practices and trends.


Provide our members with resources and benefits to maximize their success.


Advocate for your business interests, serve as a leading force for business growth, and assist economic development throughout the Woodbridge Metropolitan Area.


Building a vibrant and prosperous community through business leadership.

Core Values

The Woodbridge Metro Area of Commerce has embraced the following core values to direct our governance and activities:

  • Excellence: surpassing the highest expectations
  • Stewardship: Protecting and enhancing community resources
  • Integrity: Demonstrating strong moral principles in all interactions
  • Inclusiveness: Providing equal access to opportunities and resources for all individuals
  • Courage: Acting with strength in the face of adversity


The Woodbridge Metro Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1964, is a voluntary organization of business, industry, retail and professional people working to improve the economic and civic growth in our area. The strength of the Chamber lies with its members and the business relationships we build with each other. Our goal is to serve as a force for business growth and development.

The Chamber is not a government agency. It is financed entirely by members’ voluntary dues investments and fundraising activities and is independent of all other organizations and groups. The Woodbridge Metro Chamber of Commerce (WMCC) is a member of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.