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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the description for my listing come from?

In many cases, Woodbridge Metro Chamber of Commerce displays the description that was provide to it by your business or organization. If no description was provided to the Chamber a description is automatically generated. In other words, the Chamber utilizes special software to run the online directory and this software uses an internal web robot or spider to scan your website and generate a description based on the content that it finds there. If your website contained programming errors or the web robot had a problem accessing your site at the time, the description may be blank.  Most commonly it utilized the description or title attribute of your website.

You can easily change your description for your listing by filling out the form below.

How do I add my logo to my listing?

To add your logo to your listing, please email your logo to: [email protected].

Please make sure that your logo meets our criteria before submitting:

  • Logo needs to be on a white background. Logos that are on colored or dark backgrounds are not permitted.
  • Logo must be 200px Wide x 150px High. Logos larger then this will be resized. Resized logos may result in loss of detail.
  • Logo must be in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif format only.
  • Logos cannot be animated.

The map for my business is not correct. How do I change it?

Mapping is based on the address provided to the Chamber by your business or organization. Since mapping is through a third party, it is not always accurate. To correct mapping issues do the following:

  1. First verify that your listing’s address is correct. If not, submit the form below to have it corrected.
  2. If the address is correct and the map “pin” is in the wrong spot, click on “Report Map Error” at the bottom right of the map. Then follow the directions. This will alert the provider of the map data that the map is wrong.
  3. The Chamber can also adjust the map pin on it’s own website. Please provide the GPS coordinates for the correct pin location.

How do I change the category my listing is under?

Your business is currently listing one of more category based on information you provided to the Chamber. If you see another category that you should fall under, please fill out the following form.

How do I add my blog and /or social networks to my listing?

Simply fill out the following form to request the addition.

My listing disappeared. Why? How do I get it back?

Most likely your listing disappeared because your membership expired. Please give the Chamber a call for more information.

Where did my account login go?

Prior to May 1, 2013, all members had the ability to modify their listings online. We found that very few individuals took advantage of this system and instead opted for the Chamber Staff to make modifications instead. As a result, this feature has been retired and is no longer available. Please use the form below to request changes to your listing.

How do I modify my listing within the directory?

Simply fill out the following form.

How do I modify my Chamber contact info?

Simply fill out the following form


Submit Changes to Your Listing

Please fill out the following form to request changes to your directory listing. Please note that all requests are reviewed by Chamber Staff. Please allow several business days for your request to be reviewed.