Perth Amboy Business Improvement District

Business Improvement District The Perth Amboy Business Improvement District (BID) continued operating under the administration of the Urban Enterprise Zone Program (UEZ) providing a compliment of programs and services to support the marketing efforts of attracting patrons and visitors to the business community in the City of Perth Amboy. Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts – The Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts began it’s fifth year of providing the Arts and cultural enrichment programs and activities for the local community. The Gallery expanded its offering of Art Classes, Workshops, Seminars, and cultural enrichment sessions with school groups and senior citizens. The Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts also continued to celebrate and display local and regional artists along with its Artist in residence program. Throughout the year the Gallery features various Artist and is host to a variety of cultural exhibits and national exhibitions. Gum Busters - Gum Removal Machine – The Gum Buster - Gum Removal Machine continued operating this summer to remove unsightly gum and stains from the bricks, and sidewalks of the central business district within the UEZ boundaries. This BID initiative is companion to the Clean Team MAD VAC machines operating daily throughout Urban Enterprise Zone and Central Business District. First Fridays Summer Events - The Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) and Business Improvement District (BID) sponsor the “First Fridays” summer event series designed to promote the City of Perth Amboy and its local business community. These events included entertainment activities throughout the summer that featured Dancing in the Park, The Cultural Heritage Day Arts Celebration, The Annual Blueberry & Jazz Festival, A Classic Car Exhibition, The International Domino Championship Tournament, and co sponsor the Annual Waterfront Festival. These “First Fridays” events provide opportunity to promote and feature our local artists and downtown businesses to a large and more mainstream population of people and give visitors and residents the opportunity to see Perth Amboy’s historic landmarks, our beautiful waterfront and marina, and celebrate our ethnic diversity. Community Outreach Initiatives - The BID continued outreach to the community by conducting Neighborhood Business Meetings. Bi-weekly meetings were held directly in the business neighborhood as a convenient way for local merchants to engage in and receive valuable business information, participate in workshop seminars, and contribute in networking opportunities. In order to facilitate the retention of existing business and to continually attract new ones, the Urban Enterprise Zone and the Business Improvement District will continue its aggressive approach using innovative and creative ideas that have successfully brought these programs of vitality of our community. These elements are communication, timing, flexibility, financial, and technical support. Our ability to market and advertise Perth Amboy Urban Enterprise Zone program and its benefits has shown inspiring and encouraging results. We will continue to strengthen the partnerships between the Urban Enterprise Zone, the Business Improvement District, City Administration and the business community. It is our mission, hope and objective to continue serving the business community and residents of the City of Perth Amboy.

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