LPB Graphics, Inc.

About LPB Graphics, Inc. dba, home of “Your Marketing Mall”, was established in 1985 by Lisa and Lee Berg with its’ roots in creative graphic design. Decades of success has grown the company into providing the manufacturing and marketing of advertising products and services for New Jersey businesses and beyond. Marketing consulting services is a passion for this company. It is because of this passion, that Lisa’s excitement with joining this green marketing brand brings together two companies sharing a common vision; providing their clients with the power of influence in this great green way. From stationery to signs, direct mail services to logo design, branding development and marketing strategies; LPB Graphics has the marketing consulting experience, expertise and network of relationships to deliver your complete project on time and within budget. The success of their clients is proportionate to the success of This is their bottom line. More specifically, they sell and manufacture Graphic Design, Printing, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Signs, Direct Mail Services and Internet Solutions, along with thousands of Promotional Products which are among their long list of products and services. They offer much more than a Commercial Printer although Offset Printing (traditional ink on paper), and Digital Printing (inkless printing), are among the specialties at their NJ-based company. LPB Graphics is also an eco-friendly printer. Their solvent-free sheet feed offset ink, is high quality, high performance and contains 100% solids. It is formulated without petroleum ink solvent, making it an environmentally friendly choice that’s quick drying and delivers vibrant color and unmatched press performance. Recycled paper and many promotional products are also available at this eco-friendly printing company. Let’s get a little personal…with Lisa Berg How does helping our veterans and environment make you feel? Helping the veterans and the environment are invaluable causes that impact our country and environment in a positive way. The Adopt-A-Solar-Panel program, along with promoting our corporate brand, marries us to two great causes for our country and planet.

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