Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care

Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care is a responsible alternative to the Emergency Room for non life threatening emergencies. Kinder is focused on providing the highest level of medical care to patients from newborns to 21 years of age and is opened Monday through Friday from 12pm - 11pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am - 10pm. Kinder patients are seen by the same ER trained physicians and nurses they would at area hospitals, but without the long wait time and extra added expenses associated with hospitals. Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care is a neighborhood, after -hours and weekend pediatric urgent care center open seven days a week. The center's compassionate staff are trained to diagnose sports related injuries like fractures, sprains, and strains, lacerations, open wounds, rashes, bites, skin conditions, stomach aches, virus, flu, strep, mono, RSV, fever, sore throat, sniffles, asthma, respiratory issues, ear infections, eye infections and many more! Kinder has an on site laboratory and high speed digital x ray equipment for rapid and accurate results.

530 Green Street, Ste. 100Iselin, NJ 08830
Tel: 732-371-4400
Fax: 732-404-1556