Ivystone Diner & Lounge

Ivy Stone doesn’t just serve up fusion food; we’re dishing out fusion eating. Fusion typically refers to mixing two distinct culinary traditions and flavors creating a new meal. You probably had Tex-Mex, seen Sushi French fare, or ventured to try Asian Tacos with lemongrass salsa! The fusion experience at IvyStone isn’t limited to your plate. It’s in the atmosphere! We hope to fuse together all the people you hope to have at your dinner table. Make our place, YOUR place! Our fully-stocked, elegant liquor bar will serve top-shelf spirits to the most spirited in your company. A healthy kids menu shows that we welcome you bringing your kids along for a family night out. There are vegetarian delights for the most conscious. We feature menu items from throughout the globe for the most adventurous foodies, to classic diner staples that you can rely on for comfort eating. Is it Mexican you crave or Italian tonight? Want to finally try sea food, greek food, but everyone else in your family is asking for Surf n’ Turf? At Ivy Stone, we are a little of everything for everybody!. Wait till you see what we’ve got cooking! Our Calendar of Events will be as plentiful as our dishes! Patrons will be able to spend their time with us enjoying football viewing specials, Happy hour tapas, Ladies Night, kid’s face painting, wine tastings, and much more. Stay tuned! Details coming! A surprise baby shower? A special couple’s 40th anniversary? An important conference presentation? Make our place, YOUR place! Let us host your next special event. We will create a special menu to suit your tastes. Our professional staff will certainly be accommodating. From delectable finger foods, plated meals, buffet and family style, we are happy to serve you in one of our beautiful private rooms. Food brings people together and sharing a meal makes it taste that much better! We look forward to helping you plan your next milestone event. With party room of 150 people with full bar and lounge with big screen TVs and DJ on Friday & Saturday nights, you will have a unique experience!

875 Route 1 SouthIselin, New Jersey 08830
Tel: 732-510-7280