Fountainhead Capital Management

We founded Fountainhead Capital Management to offer a new approach to wealth management. We wanted to build a firm around the idea that no two plans or portfolios are alike and provide objective advice and solutions specific to each client. As an independent investment advisor, we have both the freedom and flexibility to offer unbiased perspective, to create strategies tailored to the details of your life. We start with your story, and help you define a clear and direct path to financial security. The financial crisis of 2008 opened many eyes to the huge disconnect between clients and the large institutions that represented them. These companies had leveraged their client's dollar for their own financial gain and now had to do everything possible to protect themselves from the impacts of the crisis. In almost every case this meant putting their balance sheets and their shareholders first, with no fiduciary duty to protect their own clients. We realized it was very important for us to create an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm to become our client's fiduciary, further enabling us to provide independent and unbiased advice. The success of our firm has been built on the corebeliefs of putting the client first and doing the right thing, providing complete transparency of products and services, and becoming our clients' trusted advisor. Using our years of experience and knowledge we were able to develop our own proprietary investment models which complement our overall planning process. Many of our friends and colleagues in the planning community have expressed interest in what we created and are currently implementing our models into their holistic planning strategies. Fountainhead Capital Management incorporates these proprietary investment models into our strategic planning, while we continue to exist as a sub-advisor to many independent advisors and RIA firms both locally and across the country. This journey has taken us over 10 years to get to where we are today. As we are growing our client base and adding new advisors, we have developed and continue to strengthen our corporate culture and core values. Fountainhead Capital Management carries on our legacy of exceptional service, and the use of cutting edge technology to enhance the overall client experience. We are excited to continue building a prosperous future together.

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