Finish Strong

We love what we do and how we can help others in their pursuit of good fitness, health and wellness. *One on One Personal Training: Fit personal training programs are customized by your trainer, specifically to meet your needs and guide you to reaching your goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, add muscle, improve your health and feel better or a sport specific goal, a one on one training program will assure your success. *Semi-Private Personal Training (groups of 2-4) With this option you'll receive the same guidance and motivation from a personal trainer in a small group environment of 2 to 4 people. Train with friends, a spouse or with other Finish Strong clients. This sought after format provides fantastic results and has shown increased success rates for clients training in the semi-private environment. With these sessions we can offer you the opportunity for personal training within a small group environment. These workouts cover strength, balance, stability, core and metabolic training. A high energy workout such as this is geared toward building up your metabolism and will certainly increase strength and function. All programs are explained clearly in offering exercises that fit any fitness phase. *BOOT CAMP: Participants can get an amazing intense workout in a small group setting. Feeling as though you have a personal trainer helping you through the workout, this class provides great instruction along with a small group training environment to help encourage each other to work as hard as you can! Get ready to achieve a strength you never knew you had. This is our most popular class and you will instantly see why. We recommend taking the Intro class before entering this program. *TOTAL BODY FITNESS: This program is designed to activate the cardiovascular system and increase endurance while strengthening and toning muscles. We use dumbbells, resistance bands, elevated benches and other equipment. All exercises can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels. *BOOTCAMP BLAST: This is a 45 minute version of our Boot Camp session. Perfect for an early morning workout or when you are short on time. *CORE & STABILITY: Static and dynamic floor exercises to develop your abdominal and lower back muscles. This session is beneficial to all levels of fitness. *HEALTHY HAPPY HOUR: Start the weekend right with a mix of BootCamp, Core, and Total Body all in one!

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