European School of Dance

Welcome to our dance school. We encourage you to preview the class selections below to discover all of the dance options that we have and what would work for you. Discover Dance: An introduction to movement, tap & basic tumbling. The class encompasses movement and strength training with the rhythm of tap. Tot Tumbling: Strengthen the body and improve coordination with these fun exercises like log rolls, crab walks and more! Who knows maybe even get a cartwheel.( tuition discount for pre school students that take both Discover Dance & Tot Tumbling) Ballet: The foundation for all dance forms. Class focus is on learning the correct terminology, with a strong emphasis on proper placement, coordination, musicality, and the joy of moving the body in space. Proper ballet technique ensures that dancers develop excellent muscle tone and versatility between the various dance forms. Please visit our Master Ballet Teacher, Benjamin Briones's site: Intermediate Ballet: An intermediate level class that focuses on further developing classical technique, understanding ballet terminology, correct execution of steps as well as an understanding and application of placement and alignment. More challenging barre and center work is introduced. Advanced Ballet/Pointe: For the advanced dancer with many years of Ballet & Pointe training. This is an exclusive class designed to advance the technique and performance skills of serious dancers. Students will gain self-discipline, a strong work ethic, self-motivation, improved confidence, and an appreciation for high standards of excellence. Broadway Basics & Broadway Stars: Class designed for children 6 and up. Students are taught Jazz fundamentals as well as basic Broadway style tap skills- the must-know moves of any future Broadway Star! This class alternates weeks of Jazz and Tap. There are two levels based on the students abilities. Broadway Jazz: A smooth technique consisting of many challenging jumps and turns. Ballet training is recommended to develop the proper strength and flexibility for good jazz technique. Hip Hop: A popular urban youth culture dance style that provides a funkier edge to the basic style of jazz. Popping, Locking, and basic Break dancing moves are taught. Guest instructors are often brought in to keep the styles fresh and current. Tot Tumbling: Teaches motor skills that promote core body strength and coordination. Covers gymnastic kills such as rolls, cartwheels, Strengthening exercises are given to prepare the body for more challenging movements. Tap: Tap is offered for all ages. Students learn the fundamental tap techniques, musicality, weight placement techniques and enhance their motor skills. Theatre Dance: Learn the basics of stage direction & improve, movement in collaboration with fellow students. Dancers will further develop a technical foundation and master the skills needed to execute basic Broadway style dance movements in the genres of Tap & Jazz. These students may also have the opportunity to work with our Voice coach or combine this class with the group or private voice lessons. Voice: Private 1/2 hour and group hour lessons available. And for the Adults... Burlesque Dance: Release your inner exotic dancer while burning calories. Great for cardio, toning leg muscles, increasing flexibility, improving your freestyle dance technique all while building self esteem and confidence. High Heeled Shoes recommended. Belly Dancing: Truly a class for every level dancer, Belly Dancing promotes body awareness, self confidence, and an extraordinary sense of wellness. Fun low impact workout includes targeted midsection exercises to exotic music. Have fun and embrace being a woman! Please see our website and/or contact us so that we can answer any questions that you may have.

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