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Save money by planning your burial now! If you are interested in discovering how you can save you and your family money and woe by pre-planning your burial in this Beth Israel Cemetery/Woodbridge Memorial Gardens, fill out the form on the right to receive a free cemetery space planning kit. What's in your free kit? Within 5-7 business days you can have a free Beth Israel Cemetery/Woodbridge Memorial Gardens burial pre-planning kit with all the information you need on how to lock in your preferences at today’s prices The handy kit includes: Plot pricing Information and tips on planning Payment options Everything you need to pre-purchase cemetery spaces completely by mail, if you choose More than 50 percent of Americans aged 50-74 pre-plan their burial needs. Start the process now to lock in your savings! Request Your FREE Cemetery Space Planning Kit! Learn how you and your family can save money and avoid additional grief by pre-planning your burial in Beth Israel Cemetery/Woodbridge Memorial Gardens. About Beth Israel Cemetery/Woodbridge Memorial Gardens Beth Israel has been serving the community since 1922 and Woodbridge Memorial Gardens since 1977. The cemeteries are located on Woodbridge Center Drive across from Woodbridge Center Mall. The grounds are 168 acres of serene, park-like land with flowering garden beds and tree lined avenues that meander through monumental and memorial park sections, past features such as the Bible Garden, Gazebos, and the Ten Commandments monument. Beth Israel Cemetery is a Jewish cemetery created with an atmosphere of true religious significance. The “Bible Garden” was fashioned from the very rock and soil of the Holy Land. Plants brought from the Holy Land were dedicated by Eleanor Roosevelt on June 2, 1957. Among the outstanding features of the Park is a prominent white stone monument showing the Ten Commandments flanked by two majestic lions, which is a memorial to the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust. Beth Israel offers in-ground burial in monumental and memorial park sections, lawn crypts and in-ground cremation gardens as well as chapel, atrium and garden crypts and niches in the mausoleums. Woodbridge Memorial Gardens, serving all faiths, offers chapel, atrium and garden crypts and niches in the mausoleum. For more information visit our Woodbridge Memorial Gardens page.

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