American Placemats

What makes American Placemats Service a unique advertising alternative? Think about the last time you were in a diner. When you looked around, who did you see? •Business people meeting over lunch •Friends sharing a cup of coffee •Mom, dad and the kids having Sunday breakfast •Couples on a date grabbing a bite to eat before the movie •A professional couple meeting for a quick dinner after a long day at work •Seniors catching the early bird special Are any of these patrons individuals who meet your potential client profile? If you answered yes, then you need to learn more about American Placemats Service. American Placemats Service offers you the opportunity to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers each week. This is a low-cost, yet long-term method of reaching your target market in a relaxed, low pressure environment. Many of the patrons of a diner are members of that community. This means they will visit the diner time and time again and each time they will see your ad on their placemat. Even if they don't have a need for your services today, your name will come to mind when they do have a need for your services or product. Placing your ad on the diner's placemat reaches your target clients in a very influential way. The potential client doesn't have to do anything to learn that your business exists. In fact, you may trigger a need that the client didn't know he/she had before seeing your ad. Now take this and multiply it by the hundreds of customers a diner serves each day. And multiply that by six month increments- the length of a standard contract with American Placemats Service. The value of the potential audience you can reach through this method is only exceeded by the extremely low cost of advertising with American Placemats Service. Your initial investment can be as low as $12 per week (depending on diner volume). In fact, the typical cost of a six month contract with American Placemats Service can equal the cost of two ads in your local newspaper. Our price includes a custom designed ad by our professional graphic artist and the placemats are professionally printed in either two or three colors. Another unique feature of American Placemats Service is that you will receive contract exclusivity. This means no other advertiser in your service category will compete with you on that placemat for the term of your contract. You will also be extended the opportunity to renew prior to the acceptance of another advertiser in your category. To obtain more information including a sample, a complete list of our diners and pricing, please call us at 973-627-6808 Please remember that our ads currently run in New Jersey only.

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