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When people first come to the Woodbridge area, they are surprised to find out just how large an area the community covers. Its not just Main Street. Take a look at the shops and businesses also in Fords, the tranquility of Colonia, the hustle and bustle of Green Street, and you can spend an entire day in Woodbridge Center! Woodbridge has something for everyone: shopping, beautiful residential communities, fitness centers, parks and entertainment centers for all ages. The township has a Terrific representation within the community of numerous financial organizations, attorneys, CPA’s, doctors, dentists, religious centers, and modern and exclusive food stores and restaurants; just about anything you can look for is found within its borders.

The Woodbridge Metro Chamber of Commerce has members from all of these areas and more. The goal of the Chamber is to bring together the business community to help each segment grow its business, which in turn makes the community a vibrant, exciting place to live and work. Visit Woodbridge and call on the Chamber for your business needs. We’re here to help you succeed!

Take a Look at Some of the Advantages

  • Business Contacts & Networking opportunities
  • Timely Newsletters
  • Legislative Information
  • Member referrals
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Discounts on Chamber Activities
  • Retail & Downtown Promotions
  • Relocation Information
  • Assistance with Meeting Facilities
  • A Prestigious Listing in the Membership Directory
  • Seminars to Share Knowledge & Technological Advances on a Variety of Topics
  • Opportunities for Leadership
  • Job & Career Information
  • Certificates of Origin for Exports


  • The membership pricing shown below includes the One-Time New Member Processing Fee of $25.
  • For companies with more than 250 employees, please call Nancy Drumm, our Membership Director, at 732-636-4040 for pricing and details.
  • If you are already a member and would like to renew your membership, click on Renew Membership.

After your subscription purchase, be sure to download the New Member Application to fill in your business details and send it to our office via email or mail.

New Membership – Associate / Retired $205.00
New Membership – Non-Profit Organization $205.00
New Membership – Home-Based $205.00
New Membership – 151-250 Employees $955.00
New Membership – 91-150 Employees $875.00
New Membership – 61-90 Employees $755.00
New Membership – 41-60 Employees $645.00
New Membership – 21-40 Employees $525.00
New Membership – 11-20 Employees $445.00
New Membership – 6-10 Employees $385.00
New Membership – 1-5 Employees $285.00
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