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Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 Karen Barnes
Dear Woodbridge Township Business Owner/Operator:Woodbridge Township has been named the Sustainable Jersey™ Silver-Level Champion by the New Jersey League of Municipalities for four consecutive years, making Woodbridge and our business community the most environmentally-conscious and sustainable community in the State of New Jersey.

As part of our commitment to energy efficiency initiatives and programs, we are pleased to announce a partnership with the New Jersey Direct Install program – an authorized program sponsored by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and the New Jersey Office of Clean Energy that offers assistance to small business owners/operators interested in replacing old, outdated and inefficient utility equipment and lighting systems with new energy efficient technology. The New Jersey Direct Install program, created specifically to help upgrade the energy efficiency of small to medium-sized buildings and businesses, pays for 70 percent of total project costs – and the assessment is FREE.

The New Jersey Direct Install program is a key component of “Greenable Woodbridge” – a Township-wide environmental initiative that identifies the sustainable issues of importance to the future of the community and provides easy-to-use information to businesses on “going green” and what we are doing to establish the Woodbridge business community as a leader in “green” and sustainable living.

“Greenable” Woodbridge has implemented many business-friendly environmental initiatives that serve to reduce energy consumption, including a $7 million project to install energy-producing solar panels on municipal buildings; the creation of a ‘green’ business recognition program; implementation of energy efficiencies in all Township buildings and facilities; integrating energy-saving fuel efficient hybrid vehicles into the municipal fleet; and the planned development of a state-of-the-art environmental technology incubator and industrial park among many other initiatives.

I encourage Woodbridge Township small and medium-sized business owners/operators to explore the benefits offered through the New Jersey Direct Install program. For more information about the New Jersey Direct Install program, please review the enclosed Direct Install Fact Sheet or visit:

The New Jersey Direct Install contractor authorized to work in Middlesex County is:

Tri-State Light & Energy, Inc.

Attention: Patrick Lynch


[email protected]

Thank you for your interest in this important energy-saving and sustainable environmental effort.


John E. McCormac


Township of Woodbridge

Direct Install WB Info Flyer - April 2013


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